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"Thank you so much Kelly! I am over the moon with the frames that you have created for me.

They truly are so special and very sentimental. I could only imagine how

much time you have put into making these and I really do appreciate it.

Thank you so very much"

How it works
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Call us prior to your occasion to book in your preservation. 


We love to receive your flowers the day after your occasion.

To ensure the flowers arrive in the best condition, check out our care instructions

You can get someone to drop them off, use Australia Post or we can organise a courier at your cost. 

Flower box



When your flowers arrive we  photograph them, dismantle them and dry each flower individually.

They take approximately 5-7 weeks to preserve.

before native bouquet.jpg


Within 8 weeks of receiving your flowers you need to choose your design, frame and set up. This is best done in our showroom.

At this time you can also give us any other items you wish to have included in your frame.

selection bouquets.png


We then set about to restore the colour to each flower and assemble the frame to your specifics.

Once your frame is completed and your account settled, your frame is ready to pick up or have delivered at your cost.

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Once home - you are able to hang your cherished memories forever and rave about our awesome service.

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Getting your flowers here


Call us prior to your occasion to book in your preservation.

We love to receive your flowers the day after your occasion.

To ensure the flowers arrive in the best condition, check out our care instructions

Book an appointment to drop off your flowers

Call us for instructions on the 

best was to post your flowers

Let us organise a courier on your behalf

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Size Guide and Design


size of dinner plate_edited.jpg

Size of a dinner plate = this frame

We determine the size of your frame by the size of your flowers, as well as anything you wish to frame with them. 

As a guide, if your bouquet is the size of a dinner plate, (like above) you will require our medium frame to fit the flowers alone.

The frame can be Landscape, Portrait, Square

There are approximately 80 Background colours available and 500 frame designs.


Extras you could include:

certificate, photos, invitation, vows, button hole flower, charms and anything sentimental, 

Check out our socials for ideas

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Pricing and Payment


Our prices include:

  • preservation of flowers,

  • your choice of frame (approx. 500 to choose from)

  • restoration of colour(painting)

  • matting and background (approx.  80 to choose from)

  • hangers to hang the frame

  • and of course the set up and styling of your frame.


We have a wide range of frame sizes to suit any design or bouquet as well as story boards  (frames with photos all around flowers) which are priced differently.


The only extra cost is if you would like to have a metal plaque that come in either silver or gold displayed in front of frame.


The price depend on exactly how you’d like it all to be displayed. Generally the bouquet is on its own and then if you’d like displayed with photos, invite, marriage certificates ETC the frame might need to be bigger, to accommodate.

We take a $50 deposit on booking.

A further 50% progressive payment is made at the 8 week after the occasion when you come to make your choices and then the balance is paid on pick up or before.

We take cash, credit card and bank transfer.

Care Instructions


How to look after your flowers until you can get them to us.

   •    Take care with your flowers during day/ night of your special day keeping them out of the heat if possible especially on hot days.
   •    Remember to place them down, not dropping them. It will protect them from breakages, especially lilies.
   •    At the end of the day, if possible, place them back in the box they were delivered in.
   •    Keep them in the coolest place in your home, the laundry or shower recess is often the best place.
   •    You can slightly mist them with water or place some wet paper over them.
   •    You can place them in the fridge, but not close to fruit and vegetables as that can cause them to rot, and the element in the fridge

can sometimes burn the flowers.
   •    DO NOT place them in plastic bags - that can cause them to rot as well.
   •    DO NOT put them in the freezer. That will cause them to go slimy and transparent when they thaw out.
   •    You can put natural stemmed bouquets or single flowers into a vase of water if you wish, take care not to put the ribbon into the water.
   •    The fresher the flowers and the better they will preserve, the better the flowers look in the finished product.
   •    We do sometimes get flowers that are quite old and can be salvaged, so if you are concerned about the age of the flowers, please contact us by clicking HERE or call 0412 699 841 to see what we can do for you.
   •    Most flowers CAN BE preserved. If you're not sure, make an inquiry to get some help.
   •    Any questions are usually answered within 48 hours.

Get your flowers to us as soon as you can.

Contact us to secure your booking

Download Flower Tips

If you want your flowers to last long after your special occasion,

there are some things you can do to help. 

Send me 5 Tips for having the best flowers
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Bouquets Forever is located in 

Hoppers Crossing Victoria.

Also servicing other areas.


Please call for more information.

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@ bouquets forever 2021


Trading Hours:

Mon to Fri - 9am to 8pm

Sat - 10am to 2pm

All bookings are by appointment only.

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